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Review: Ping Pong

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If you are in mourning for Christmas and fear the dull trudge of January and the cruelest of winter months, do not be afraid. There are other things that bring joy and at newly ensconced Ping Pong on Maiden Lane those things are Dim Sum. 
Dim Sum translates as ‘little parcel of delight’ (or something like that) and are meant to be shared, joyously, amongst family and friends. Sharing goes against my better nature but I’d thought of a cunning plan and took a gluten intolerant chum. He was happy to eat the Honey-glazed spare ribs and the Lobster and prawn dumplings. And the garlic-laden Black prawn dumplings, which were delicious. Then he took a bit of a detour and decided that it was ok to eat some of the Pork and prawn Shu Mai, which are my favourite and are definitely not gluten free. Things got a little testy then so I ordered some more and told my ‘gluten senstiive’ ‘friend’ that on no account was he allowed to eat these ones. In a moment of graciousness I let him eat all of the Rice berry vege salad which he told me was very tasty, full of the crunch of sugar snaps, radishes and nuts. Meanwhile I made better acquaintance with the Soft shell crab bao buns. I thought it was a great compromise.
Then I went to powder my nose and when I came back he had ordered the Chocolate fondant! Admittedly that was also gluten free and he had got me a spoon so we remained friends. Ping Pong merrily on high.

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