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The Nadler Soho

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In and Around Covent Garden recently caught up with Robert Nadler, the CEO of Nadler Hotels. We met up at The Nadler Soho; a 78 room affordable luxury boutique hotel which opened in June 2013, and is the most recent addition to the group.
Robert is a relative newcomer to the hotel industry falling into the trade almost by accident after a varied career which included, surprisingly, being a Salmon Smoker in the  East End! Suffice to say he is now thoroughly at home and enjoying his new role as CEO of a hotel group.
As The Nadler Soho was a complete rebuild, Robert was able to touch on every aspect of the design; the reception and bedrooms are both welcoming and contemporary, simplistic without being minimalist. The artwork is all original with hand painted pictures in the bedrooms, and the atmosphere throughout is one of calm contemplation in contrast with the vibrancy of Soho outside.
Most importantly Robert has been able to set his own terms for economic, environmental and social responsibility, the hotel is both green and eco-friendly, which is something that is at the heart of everything he does. What is an academic discussion for him, is the future for his children and he does not want to be held responsible for the demise of the planet.
The design and management of the hotel is managed in the greenest way possible with many environmentally friendly policies in place; filtered mineral water through the water system, a high percentage of waste recycling, energy saving lightbulbs and room key operated switches are just a few of the eco initiatives.
The Nadler Soho is also a socially sustainable destination, with no restaurant or bar on site, guests are encouraged to eat locally, buy locally and see locally. From a ‘base directory and guide’ screen in each bedroom guests can choose from the many local services available including lively bars, restaurants and cafes in Soho, thus ‘giving back’ to the area.
On the day we met we enjoyed a coffee tasting with Cru Kafe, an ethically sourced organic coffee company, delivering coffee made from the finest high altitude beans in Nespresso compatible capsules, all fully recyclable. Hotel guests and passers-by welcomed the opportunity to take part in a taste test and voted in favour of the smooth taste of Cru Kafe coffee.

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