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Following the closure of Bletchley Park Post Office, the once secret mail room of the Enigma code...


Fans of the Rolling Stones can get their hands on a piece of rock and roll history with a new...


In and Around Covent Garden recently caught up with Robert Nadler, the CEO of Nadler Hotels. We met...

Features & History

The story of Covent Garden is interwoven with many strands: the Monarchy, the market and migration...

Food & drink

If the apocalypse strikes when you are in Covent Garden (and if Donald Trump ever becomes President...

Health & Beauty

Covent Garden Dental Spa have launched a Valentine’s deal to make your teeth sparkle and your...


Landlords Covent Garden London are currently developing Kings Court and Carriage Hall; a new mixed...

Business & Community

The one thing you can totally rely on in this country is that the weather is totally unreliable, as...



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Travelling to and from an event is an important part of the overall experience. Covent Garden, the heart of the UK's the most exciting place, is opened to all routes wherever you are, whatever you want.




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